THE snow might be thawing and Storm Emma is fast becoming a memory, but stories are still appearing of how Mitsubishi vehicles beat the treacherous conditions.

In Gloucestershire, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK continued to help out its local services with the loan of a pair of all-wheel drive Mitsubishi L200s to Water Search & Rescue. The organisation used the rugged pickups to help transport NHS staff safely to local hospitals and also distribute water supplies.

With customers having to cancel collections of their new 18-registration Mitsubishis on March 1st, the team at Midgley Motors Cars Mitsubishi in Skipton decided to contact their local hospital to see if they could help with getting any doctors and nurses into work who may have been snowed in. Using four Mitsubishi L200 demonstrators, staff ferried grateful workers into Airedale General Hospital. On hearing how Midgley Motor Cars was ‘giving something back’ to its local community during the bad weather, the local radio station even interviewed the dealership’s Brand Manager Charlie Binns.

Simon Slade, who helped organise last year’s Mitsubishi Motors in the UK 40th Centenary Tour, used his Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to assist his local meals on wheels service in delivering hot food to the elderly and vulnerable in Yeovil. With Simon’s rally driving experience coupled with the PHEV’s all-wheel drive, the wintry conditions posed no issue for the pairing and Simon was impressed at the ‘amazing amount’ of grip of the SUV and how it pulled away uphill on ice without the wheels spinning.

Perhaps even more impressive was Adam Purves Mitsubishi stepping in to tow a car transporter out of trouble. When the transporter became stuck near their Galashiels showroom, the dealership decided to put the formidable pulling power of the Mitsubishi Shogun to the test. With the combination of Bill Mitchelhill, the dealership’s Commercial Vehicle Specialist, and a SWB Shogun SG2 4Work running on standard tyres, the stricken truck was pulled out of the snow with no drama or fuss.

Commenting on Facebook, the driver of the transporter said: “I can’t thank you guys enough. I must admit, I had my doubts but if I didn’t witness it I wouldn’t believe it. I will say to any of your customers looking for a SWB 4×4, that Shogun is a machine. You gentlemen went far beyond anything we would expect from our customers and I am truly grateful.”

doctor airedale

Andrew Phynn, qualified off road instructor at Midgley Motor Cars Mitsubishi, safely delivering Doctor Jack McKenna to Airedale Hospital Steeton.


Simon Slade’s Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV proved invaluable in helping his local meals on wheels service to deliver hot food to the elderly and vulnerable in a snowy Yeovil.


Adam Purves Mitsubishi used a SWB Shogun Commercial to rescue a car transporter from the snow. The truck driver was amazed at how the Mitsubishi tackled it with ease!