CCR Mitsubishi has raised over £1,200 for Children in Need after the dealer group made a donation for every vehicle sold or test driven last weekend and its general manager fulfilled an off-the-cuff promise that saw him visit each site in fancy dress.

The group, which has dealerships in Cheltenham, Bristol and Swindon, pledged £10 for every test drive taken and £20 for every sale, while general manager Chris Green jokingly mentioned he would come to work and attend all his meetings dressed as a ballerina if his colleagues donated £500.

Hours later and Chris had to don the pink tutu after his team raised £545 for the challenge with the business then adding a further £250 on top.

On his dressing up challenge, Chris Green, said: “We knew we wanted to support Children in Need and in the week approaching there was a discussion as to who was going to opt for casual dress and those who were going to wear fancy dress. I said I’d only do fancy dress for a sizeable donation and someone replied ‘how much to dress as a ballerina’, to which I replied £500 as I never thought the team would raise that amount in 48 hours. Four hours later and they’d got the money together!

“Wearing the outfit wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, although the tights and dress were a little cold in the morning. The team were a great support, but I did get some strange looks when I was travelling between the dealerships and meetings!”