IN its drive to offer an unrivalled customer experience and attract the very best people to work for its dealer network, Mitsubishi Motors has introduced a new vacancies section to its national website.

The new platform allows dealerships to upload their vacancies to the brand’s website as well as their own individual Mitsubishi websites, the development significantly extending the reach of the adverts.

Efficient and convenient, the system allows dealerships to manage their adverts with ease, incorporating pre-written job descriptions, selectable employee benefits and the facility to personalise each vacancy with the desired experience and information regarding the role and the individual dealership.

Notably, each advert created will have its own web address, enabling the vacancy to be shared on social media. When placed on the main Mitsubishi Motors website, the vacancies are automatically added to the dealership’s Mitsubishi-provided website.

To support the new recruitment area and to encourage potential applicants to view it, Mitsubishi Motors will run a Facebook campaign encouraging users to click through to the vacancies section.

The vacancies platform adds extra strength to the careers page of the Mitsubishi Motors website, complementing other sections that include information on apprenticeships and graduate and undergraduate programmes.

View the new vacancy area at: