Michael Deans with loyal customer David Hodges

Michael Deans with loyal customer David Hodges

AN award-winning car dealership has won praise from two of its most loyal customers – who between them have been driving Mitsubishi cars for an astonishing 50 years.

Tweedmouth Service Station, in Berwick-upon-Tweed, has plenty of satisfied customers, among them veteran drivers Bill Mein, 77, and David Hodges, 81.

Both men are big admirers of all things Mitsubishi and are more than happy with the service they receive at the showroom, situated on the Tweedside Trading Estate. And as well as both being fans of the same car manufacturer, the pair have something else in common – they attended the same primary school, although they were a couple of years apart.

Looking back on his ownership of a total of 11 Mitsubishis over a quarter of a century, Mr Hodges said: ‘I started off with a Sigma in 1978. That was a super car. I’ve always liked Mitsubishis, they’ve always been reliable cars and pretty economical too. At the moment, I’ve got a Lancer and my wife has got an ASX 3.

‘We’ve always had two Mitsubishis in the family. And I’ve known Ian Deans, the Dealer Principal here, since the 1960s through our mutual involvement in rallying and motorsport and so on. I’ve been a motorsports enthusiast all my life really.’

Mr Hodges, a retired agricultural advisor, added: ‘I do like this place because they’re very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Too many garages these days are impersonal, but that’s not the case at Tweedmouth Service Station.

‘The guys do a good job here – they have always got time for a chat – and you can even get a decent cup of coffee!’

Mr Mein, a retired farm worker, currently drives a Mirage 2 – the eighth Mitsubishi he has owned since 1977. He too is full of praise for the friendly and helpful service he receives at Tweedmouth.

Mr Mein said: ‘My first Mitsubishi was a red Sigma. The cars I have owned have always been reliable and I’ve never had a breakdown. I’ve had one or two scrapes when cars have been parked on the street – and a puncture – but that’s the only trouble I have had.’

Michael Deans, the general and sales manager at Tweedmouth Service Station, is naturally delighted that two of his customers speak so highly of the service and attention they receive at the showroom.

He said: ‘Both men are welcome and regular visitors and it goes without saying that we value their custom incredibly highly. We’d like to think that all our customers would speak of us in such glowing terms – that’s certainly our aim when it comes to the level of service we endeavour to provide.’