Kaddy_4x4_INDEX_MAGAZINE_SW-15PARKER Mitsubishi in Canterbury, Kent, has been helping a local celebrity go off-roading.

In February of this year True Grip off-road course in Ashford, Kent, took on an L200 Warrior and local weather girl Kaddy Lee-Preston, an avid off-roader, relished the chance to get behind the wheel.

Kaddy already has two 4x4s to get her around the Kent countryside but thoroughly enjoyed her jaunt in the Mitsubishi. She was even willing to help out cleaning up the pick-up after!

Kaddy_4x4_INDEX_MAGAZINE_SW-30Andrew Simpson, Deputy General Manager of Parker Mitsubishi, said: “It was Kaddy’s second day at True Grip so she was obviously really getting into it! She really loved getting behind the wheel of the Warrior. I think she was making the most of the opportunity, since she recently announced she’s pregnant so won’t be doing this for a while!”

Guy Tombes, Managing Director of True Grip, has loved having the L200 and commented: “We started using the Mitsubishi L200 Warrior back in February 2014. It has become one of our primary vehicles for delivering off-road driving experiences and training courses at our site on Eastwell Park, Ashford, in Kent. It works six hours a day, seven days a week and continues to impress not only our customers but our instructors due to its capability, ruggedness and ease of driving.”

Viewers will recognise Kaddy as the BBC News weather girl and is usually looking more clean-cut than clean-up!