The new Corporate Sales Managers Lucy Allberry and Mark Grant

The new Corporate Sales Managers Lucy Allberry and Mark Grant

MITSUBISHI Motors in the UK has recruited two new Corporate Sales Managers to meet the increased demand due to impressive sales growth in this area.

As with the retail, the interest in Outlander PHEV from corporate customers has been outstanding, and Lucy Allberry and Mark Grant have joined the team to help make the most of the opportunities with PHEV and the whole Mitsubishi range.

Lucy joins Mitsubishi having enjoyed significant success in a similar role for other key manufacturers such as Vauxhall, Lexus, Jaguar and Nissan over the past 14 years. Mark has spent the past 10 years as a Fleet Sales Manager for Vauxhall and, prior to that, enjoyed five years in a similar role for the Ford Motor Company.

Matters caught up with the pair during their first week in the job and we started off by asking them to tell us about their backgrounds.

Lucy, who comes from Cirencester, and will cover National Accounts within the west of England and Wales said: “I’ve been in the fleet industry for 14 years now. I started off with Nissan and I was at Nissan for just under seven years, where my role was very similar with corporate sales and dealer involvement. Then I had a number of years with different manufacturers, and primarily the areas that I’ve covered are the south-west, Wales and Midlands in different roles. Mainly, my experience has been corporate fleet end users, so anything from 25-plus up into the thousands.”

Mark, from Hertford, who will focus on National Accounts across the east of England, said: “I’ve worked in the motor industry since I left school. I started in crash repair, I was an apprentice body technician. I then moved into sales in my early 20s. Fifteen years ago I moved to Ford and worked on their local business development strategy.

Then 10 years ago I moved to Vauxhall as a Fleet Sales Manager and worked in various areas in the country.”

What are you looking forward to about your new role?

Lucy: “Really, it’s looking at maximising all opportunities for Mitsubishi and the dealers and working with them to nurture local and national relationships between manufacturer, dealerships, leasing companies and end-user companies, and ensuring that there’s a really good communication link between those areas. We are both really excited about the dealer focus and the new Fleet Specialist Programme and the fantastic opportunity that Outlander PHEV will bring. It will be really interesting going forwards.”

Mark: “The dealer network is very exciting for me as there are a lot of individual dealerships who are well established in their local community, rather than large groups.”

What are your perceptions of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK?

Mark Grant

Mark: “My perceptions of Mitsubishi are a loyal customer base, a reputation for reliability and being innovative in product design.”

Lucy: “I’m Cirencester born and bred so Mitsubishi has always been there. You only have to drive round Cirencester and every third car is a Mitsubishi. I’m very fond of 4x4s, for me the bigger the car the better. Mitsubishi have certainly got their priorities right in that they look to retain their loyal customer base. The dealers are very customer focused and I think that’s absolutely key in retaining customers.”

How closely will you be working with the dealer network?

Lucy: “We want to be very dealer focused and help them. It’s about helping them to get as much as possible from not only their local area but other areas. The Fleet Specialist dealers are going to have a big area to cover and it’s very important for us to nurture those relationships. It’s key that they know we are on their side. This isn’t about Mitsubishi coming in and taking business away, it’s about respecting their business as well.

Someone might come and use your dealership as a library and that should be OK because even if that dealer isn’t supplying the vehicle they are going to get the After Sales business. If a customer has a good experience at a dealer then they will tell their friends and family about it.

I know Mitsubishi focus on extremely good service and for me that’s really important, because if I’m going to a customer I want to know that if I pass on an After Sales issue to someone that it will be well looked after. Customer focus and being able to rely on the dealers to take that in hand and nurture the customer is key.”

Will the dealers benefit from the work you do?

Lucy Allberry

Mark: “Fleet business is important to the Fleet Specialist dealers but also the non-specialist dealers, because if we are bringing in significant numbers then that helps generate parts sales, after sales business, and used vehicle opportunities. It’s about helping profitability for the whole network.”

The arrival of Lucy and Mark means Peter Kinnon, Corporate Sales Manager, National Accounts, will now focus his attention on corporate opportunities in the north and Scotland rather than UK-wide. Michael Brick will continue to cover Contract Hire, Rental and Motability, while Dan Pigot will continue his focus on specialist, high-profile accounts.