Brindley - RossTHE sky is the limit for a Mitsubishi service advisor who has been picked from 6,000 applicants to become a pilot.

Ross Grosvenor has earned a place on British Airways’ UK Future Pilot Programme and will soon be leaving the dealership in Delta Way, Cannock, for two years of intense pilot training.

It’s a dream come true for the 21-year-old from Pelsall who has wanted to be a pilot since he was 10 years old.

He said: ‘I can remember being on holiday in the Lake District and seeing two Tornados fly over and thinking that would be a good thing to do.

‘At primary school all my friends wanted to be firemen or policemen but I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.’

Ross, who attended Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, has worked for the Brindley Group, where his dad Simon works, since finishing his A-levels in 2010.

ross flying2

Ross was interested in aviation even at a young age

He applied to the BA scheme last November and after three exhaustive rounds of interviews and tests he was one of just 100 people to make it out of the 6,000 applicants from all over the country.

The former Air Cadet said: ‘To be honest I cried when I heard the news. I was checking my emails all day and it finally arrived at 5.56pm, just as I was about to leave work.

‘I phoned my parents and it was a bit like a Britain’s Got Talent moment. It’s still surreal and I can’t really believe it.’

Ross will leave Brindley Mitsubishi in March 2014 and go to CTC Aviation School in Southampton, before heading to New Zealand for six months of flying training.

After a total of two years of training, provided he passes all his exams, he will become a first officer with BA, starting off on short-haul flights to the likes of Paris and Barcelona, before getting the chance to become a pilot on long-haul flights.

He said: ‘Everyone at work has been really pleased for me. I really enjoy my job but they all knew that I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and they all congratulated me when I told them.

‘It’s amazing to think that in a few years time I could be flying people off on their holidays.’

General manager at Brindley Mitsubishi Peterjohn Durrell said: ‘Ross has been a great employee and we will miss him but we’ve always known his heart was set on becoming a pilot. Everyone here is really pleased for him and we wish him all the success as his career takes off.’

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